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Talmo Farms is a collective collaboration of several people that spans back to the 1950’s. Originally purchased as a 325-acre farm by Tallmadge and Mozelle Holder, they later expanded the farm to be around 450 acres. Over the 50 years they lived on this farm, they raised 2 kids and a lot of animals. Through the years the farm was used as a hay and fertilizer operation, at times it was used as a quail plantation. At the unfortunate passing of Mr. Tallmadge and then Ms. Mozelle several years back, the farm was left to their 2 children. After a couple of years, the decision was made to open up this amazing, beautiful farm so others could enjoy the serene and tranquil settings that are visible in every direction you look. The original hay barn that was built in 1968 has been renovated to become a 4200 s/f gathering space, offering numerous amenities for weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, special events and, yes, even a place for celebrating the life of a passed loved one.

The renovation has a lot of history to the finishing touches of the structure. The Main gallery space has 5 original bridge timbers that had been laying on the farm since 1992. Some of the timbers are 20’ in length and 14” in diameter. As you look the timbers over you can see the original metal rebar that held them in place as bridge supports. Throughout the barn, the interior walls are nerough sawn pine that was cut, milled and dried here in Putnam County. The tin ceiling found in the main gallery is the original tin used for the roof when it was a fertilizer barn. There are many other unique aspects to this renovation that can only be appreciated by seeing it in person.

The renovated barn has the capacity indoors to seat 250 with the outdoor space being unlimited. We have a spacious kitchen for caterers whether they are preparing on-site or bringing pre-planned. There is a bridal suite that can accommodate up to 6 “make up” stations as well as a full bath that includes a shower. 

As amazing as the interior of the renovated barn is, the outside is a sight to behold. Along with the 100s of acres of fields to look across that have random collections of old white oaks, we have a stone fire pit that is constructed from stone boulders found on the farm. You will also see these boulders -some as large as cars- as you drive through the woods to this amazing place. 

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